Full service
Development of the concept and the idea. Writing the script and creating the storyboards. Casting. Travel management. Location scouting. Acquiring the needed permissions and licenses. Selecting the required equipment and forming the production team. Budgeting the project and cost estimation. Communicating with the client directly at the stage of discussion of the business objectives.
The work of the tight-knit filming team. Multi-camera shooting on 4K cameras. Aerial cinematography. Unique engineered grips and stabilization systems. Staging and production of the film. Working with cinematic lighting. Sound engineering. Creating the time-lapses. Backstage photography.
Film editing, multi-camera color correction, development and addition of 2D and 3D graphics. Sound design, licensing of musical compositions, working with music makers and speakers, worldwide localization of videos. Multi-format final 4K render videos to any media platforms. Production of trailers. Lifetime backup of video footage with most reliable hard drives — Seagate/LaCie.
Assistance in promoting the finished video: social media marketing, SEO optimization of the video, subject media relations, promotion by means of our resources, advertising in media. Distribution of the video on the Internet, on television, in cinemas. Festivals. Commercial video services. Activation of projects.

A new project is a challenge for us. A challenge to make our job better than previously. To apply the new creative and technical ideas. We do not build on cliches and do not copy our own accomplishments. That's why the price of each of our products is unique. We are able to make the financial estimation of a project only after personal communication with the client.

We say "No" to

Weddings and corporate events. Private parties and companies who promote alcohol, smoking and animal violence. Do not invite us to hunting. We do not deal with negotiators and do not work for other productions. We do not work for idea, for food, for traveling and for portfolio. We are not interested in working with someone else's material and with those, who decide to make an "awesome" video just 1 day prior to shooting.


We are punctual in everything. We are independent and mobile during filming. We do not need to be driven. We can drive sport cars, mountain snowmobiles, motorboats, quads. We completed avalanche safety training and first aid courses. All our team has Schengen and USA visas. We help Russian sportsmen during international events participate in briefings and communicate with the organizers.